The Four Blind Men & The Elephant

Is it possible for people to hold different (even opposing) viewpoints and all of them be right? The answer is YES, & today, I’m going to prove it …

Let me tell you the story about the Four Blind Men & The Elephant

Many years ago, in a land far far away (!) there were four blind men who all live in a monastary

They did everything together, including taking classes together. One day, their tutor, an old & wise Monk, was in the garden telling the class about the animals in the Jungle

Because his students were all blind, he was having a tough time describing the animals. As you would.

The Monk had an idea. As the circus was in town he thought he would take the men to actually meet a real live elephant

When the day came, each man approached the young elephant one by one. The first man reached out & grabbed a tusk …

“Ah, Elephant” he shouted, finally experiencing for himself what an elephant really was. “Elephant like snake in garden”

(Yes, they weren’t from Barnsley)

The second man apprached Mr. Elephant, but the first thing he grabbed was it’s tail …

“Ah, Got it” he exclaimed. “Now I know – elephant like rope, not bloody snake you idjaaat”

The third man reached out, but he grabbed the elephants leg

“Ah-Ha! Now, I have experienced it for myself. Now I know. Elephant is like tree, you three are blind AND stupid”

The fourth blind man stepped forward next, but he grabbed an ear

“Ah, you are all wrong my friends. Elephant like big banana plant in garden”

These men will go to their graves arguing over what an elephant is and is not. They just KNOW the others are wrong because they experienced it themselves – first hand!

What beliefs do you hold dear, that might be challenged by a change in perspective, or someone elses point of view?

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One thought on “The Four Blind Men & The Elephant

  1. “If you see an elephant boy crying next to his dead elephant, he might not necessarily be sad for the elephant. It could be that he has to bury it.”

    From: It ain’t half hot mum.