About Me

David Shillito

It’s a fact & you know it

95% of the wealth is in the hands of 5% of the population

This means 95 out of every 100 people are WRONG ABOUT MONEY

The vast majority speak, act, think & hold beliefs repellent to money

Sharing ideas to turn your business (& you) into a money magnet is what I do

What YOU must do is STOP. Stop blaming everything from the Government to the economy to the ‘downturn’ to austerity to your customers to Googles cost-per-click to the Credit Crunch to all those other reasons (read:excuses)

Three facts

  1. Amost everything you have ever failed at or in, someone else made work big time. Ouch!
  2. There is enough money floating past the window in your hometown to retire on many times over. Just because it’s possible to sell a digital download to someone in Italy in the middle of the night doesn’t mean it’s the right model for YOU
  3. There are legions of eager customers – driven by an irrational passion –  queueing up to buy £100,000 cars, diamond encrusted smartphones, £10,000 cruise tickets, £3000 jeans, £160 knickers and speciality coffee at £52 a cup. So PUH-LEASE stop chanting there is no money about. YOU may have found yourself slugging it out with chiselers in the prisonyard of  low ticket, high competition, commodity mindset me-too products & services, but others didn’t – or have switched

If you are already in business & recognise your need for clean, crisp, news-you-can-use advice about what you can do this week to kick your existing business up a gear, you’re in the right place

Why should you listen to me?

I stand on the shoulders of giants you’ve probably never heard of. Smart, experienced men & women who are where I want to be and have shown me what is most valuable, so I may pass on to you. We are all on the same mountainside here, and just like my own mentors do with me, I look to lead by beckoning, not by pointing.

No Chiefs who’ve never been Indians here

Because I’m just a little further along the trail, I can see around corners you have yet to turn – and around those corners are those who inspire and teach me, themselves turning corners I have yet to turn

Hundreds of books, thousands of hours of video, seminars, bootcamps & workshops with the best in the business all over the world, uncountable conversations and many original insights are brought to the table when we sit down together.

I absoluotly GUARANTEE the value you will get from me will far exceed the investment. I GUARANTEE it.

I live in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK

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