Can you give away something you don’t possess?

Can you assign away a right you yourself never had?

I would love to hear what you think about this – Comments below please

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6 thoughts on “Can you give away something you don’t possess?

  1. Good to ‘see’ you back on the ball, young sir. Thought provoking if nothing else, dunno where you dig ’em up from. But, my thoughts are ‘ those with power impose their will’ whether you like it or not. doesn’t matter whether it’s the Romans. the Normans or the Conservatives – the principle stands. You can rebel against it if you wish – but you’ll never win.

  2. To me it’s the height of arrogance that so-called elected representatives and organisations such as the judiciary always claim to be operating the best interests of society as a whole (especially the judiciary which seems to be populated by overpaid, self-seeking ‘professionals’, who never actually create anything of any real value to others). Without wanting sound like a conspiracy theorist, I’d be interested hear your thoughts on the idea that ‘ordinary folk’ are somehow kept in check and their aspirations limited/suppressed by government, the media (through negative news stories and TV ‘entertainment’ full of death, murder and broken relationships) and some kind of hidden ruling elite.

    • Hi John


      IMHBAO (In my humble but accurate opinion!) it is very much in the establishments interests to keep us just south of panic, always in low level fear.

      To keep the general public on the back foot, constantly feeling ever so slightly out of control regarding all the major daily concerns of our lives (health, money, employment, faith, violence etc etc) is, I believe, a real policy

      Why this policy? Because in our consumerist driven sociaty, people who feel somewhat ‘out of control’ almost always naturally default to the quick fix of retail therapy. Buying stuff helps people kick back with the momentary proxy feelings of control they get from ‘acquiring’ stuff

      Womens’ closets are jammed with clothes, shoes & handbags they will never wear because, in truth, they got the value at the moment of purchase, in that momentary proxy buzz of control. “I saw it, I wanted it, I bought it. Go me”

      People do not WANT good news. Eddie Shah tried to launch a Good News newspaper a long time ago – it was called TODAY in colour. Lasted but 90 days (remember that?)

      There is an old saying in Fleet Street: “If It Bleeds It Leads”

      ‘They’ Fill our screens with images & stories of people who are obviously worse off than we are, so we may feel better about our lives. We may feel comparatively ‘healthy’

      But to be well adjusted to a sick society is no litmus of health, methinks

      Is there ANY good news on VCorronation Street or EastEnders? Moments of levety perhaps, but mostly communal wailing & gnashing of teeth

      It’s all just distraction & mis direction John

      “Give them bread & circus … and they will never revolt” … nattributed to the ancient Roman Juvenal

      IMHBAO – Nothing is an accident. It’s ALL part of a plan

  3. Well food for thought. My original thought was that we elected a Government to manage such rights on our behalf. Then if we do not like said people in power we change the Government. However, you have a very good point there because we have walked blindly over time, into the State Theatre of rules and regulations which we did not directly have a vote on leaving it to our elected representatives to vote on. Oh now my Brian hurts. TTFN.

    • Hi Tony

      I find it more than irony that only the UK Government & it’s enforcers are allowed to bear arms. Not saying I would want to be armed per se, just that the Police Service assume rights we never assigned to them, they just both granted themselves the right to be armed & then denied it of us … & we went along wholesale