Four sales in one

When you are selling stuff (and this could include an idea) there are in fact FOUR sales that MUST be made before it’s a done deal

I’m sure there are exceptions to this, but like all exceptions, they prove the rule by being … exceptions!

We would both be wrong

The German philosopher Arthur Schoeppenhauer noted that new ideas go through three phases …

  • First, they are Ridiculed
  • Then, they are Violently Opposed
  • Eventually, they serve as self evident

In 1920, WT Grant saw the potential for putting many small traders under one roof, so opening the first ‘department’ store

So. What business are you in?

Go round the room and ask that question. Maybe someone says ‘banking’ (although they don’t own a bank) and another says ‘Design Consultancy’. Next pipes up ‘Carpet Fitter’ and the next maybe ‘Therapist’ or ‘Software Developer’

Understand this: there is a HUGE difference between being a Plumber, & being in the Plumbing business. Think of the difference between being a singer, and being in the ‘singing business’. See, Simon Cowell can’t sing a note, yet he makes millions from the ‘singing business’