Why I’m not a fan of Gary V

I think Gary Vaynerchuck is doing something unique & that’s to be applauded

You can’t sell sameness, remember?

Much like Dr. Jordan Peterson, he is using his words to punch young people (mostly young men) in the face to make them wake up to reality & I find that admirable, I really do


(y’all knew that was coming)

Watching the video below ~ if you didn’t recognise the guy as the great Gary V … wouldn’t you just want to say ~

“OMG who is this wanker. Mate, just shut the fuck up & stop making the magicians’ performance all about YOU and how this is what YOU do in YOUR life & how YOU know exactly what’s happening etc etc. Stop interrupting the bloody trick to talk smack”

(In the end, he didn’t know “exactly what was happening” ~ he got 100% punked … yet STILL immediately claimed ‘thats what he does in his life’ ~ FFS)

Watch, and try not to cringe …

OK OK, so he’s a bit up his own arse, but what about his ‘core competence’ which is teaching people how to build a brand on social?

Surely he has solid sage advice for everyone about that, right?

“I’ve started speaking less to my mum in the last year and a half because I need that 5 minutes to get that one post out” ~ Gary Vaynerchuck 2019



Buy British?

What do you think of when you hear the term ‘Buy British’?

Does it conjure up images of Union Jack, Bulldogs & Iconic Brands?

Brands like HP Sauce, House Of Fraser, Sarsons Vinegar, Branston Pickle, Walkers Crisps, Hartleys Jam, Jaguar, Cadburys, Tetley Tea, Typhoo Tea, Beefeater Gin … Heathrow Airport?

This Info Wont Be For Everyone!

Only a very small percentage of people using the Internet are aware of the, um, darker side of the medium

As we have seen, several high profile Internet marketing ‘names’ have been under the spotlight for what some call shenanigans, & others call ‘only business’ – However … thats Chicken Feed

The big companies such as Google & eBay aren’t exactly, err, squeaky clean!

Facebook > Clickbank Ads Bullshit

This is an old 2010 post, before FB advertising as we know it now migrated to the Newsfeed. This post is all about the Right Hand column ‘thumbnail’ ads, and is still relevant to those ads …

You know me, I’m all about the ‘polarity response’ so here goes …