Deal or No Deal

I came accross this business for sale on Flippa and it caught my eye because it’s a Jewellery eCommerce site & I teach how to make money using Ebay & Amazon using a Jewellery store as the example!

Anyway, after looking a little closer I was SHOCKED by something. Watch the video above & please leave a comment

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4 thoughts on “Deal or No Deal

  1. Presumably, that is why the owner wants to sell it. If you take the $20k profit, and take out if it a living wage (UK Average salary is now £37nk). the figures are even worse. Or perhaps you’re supposed to starve while you run the business!

  2. Some people really think they can get away with this sort of maths!
    That people are “dof” (an Afrikaans word meaning stupid) and won’t pick up on the very obvious flaw in the proposal.
    I bet someone will buy it though.

    • Its bonkers Andy. Over the years I have collected several examples of people asking many many multiples of their PROFITS for businesses which, to me, are failures!