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This is an old 2010 post, before FB advertising as we know it now migrated to the Newsfeed. This post is all about the Right Hand column ‘thumbnail’ ads, and is still relevant to those ads …

You know me, I’m all about the ‘polarity response’ so here goes …

Have you noticed the legion of ‘make money on FaceBook’ products being thown at you at the moment? Dozens of video courses etc all telling you how to put ads for Clickbank offers on FaceBook, and make thousand$ every month?

The creators of some of these courses get all their pals to ‘launch’ the product, they sell maybe 1500 units @ say $97 in one push, and therefore next month they have a cheque from Clickbank for, err, $150,000 to wave in your face …

“Look how smart I am, look how much money i make from Clickbank, I’ve got the secrets the Gurus dont want you to know etc etc blah blah bollox”

Guess what, they absoloutly did not make that money palcing ads on FaceBook, and sending those clicks to either CPA (Cost Per Action) offers, or Clickbank products

Facebook –> CPA doesn’t work because the numbers dont stack up. Sure, they get $5,000 cheques every month from the network, but it costs them $4900 in adclicks to get it.

Facebook –> Clickbank doesn’t work well for TWO very good reasons.

The first is the SAME reason Amazon is growing like a weed, by the way …

Think about the mindset of Amazon users & the context of its use. No one ‘surfs’ Amazon. No one ‘browses’ it for entertainment. No, you – me – everyone visits Amazon …

  1. We have already decided to buy a product
  2. We are now just looking for a vendor to supply what we have already decided to buy

This means, people looking on Amazon have whats known as an exceedingly high commercial intent.

They are there to ‘buy’ something, no other reason

Facebook is the polar opposite. People go on FB to do anything but buy. They are there to ‘nosey’ – NOT to buy stuff.

As an ‘audience’ they have an exceedingly LOW commercial intent

Sure, if your FB ad is well targeted it will get the clicks. No doubt about it. My FB ads have gotten hundreds of clicks within hours sometimes, but guess what … they dont buy in great numbers, because the CONTEXT is all wrong. Like people coming up to you on the beach, or pitching you an MLM deal at a party. GO AWAY!

Second reason direct selling using FB ads (as opposed to community building or two step or opt in) is not a good strategy is to do with the way the ads are ‘found’ by the audience.

FB vs. Google Ads.

With Google Ads (AdWords) you find the ad (as a result of a keyword search). With FB ads, the ad finds you!

This means, your Google ad could be seen by legions of different searchers every day. Your FB ad however will be seen by the same (targeted) person every day.

So let me ask you … even if your ad is perfectly targeted to the user (you have a golf offer only appear on profile pages of people who have listed Golf as one of their interests)  because its ‘for them’  YES they will click it.


After visiting your offer (or a clickbank product salespage) not only will they not buy in large numbers (because of reason #1 above) but they will never click that ad link again – why would they – they know where it leads!

So, not only is the context entirely wrong for direct marketing ads, but the ad will be ‘spent’ within weeks at best, usually days, once everyone in the target audience had clicked or dismissed it!

IN MY EXPERIENCE Facebook ads dont convert well for most people, and have a relatively short life

Someone needed to say that, by the way.

Are there exceptions? Always. There are some very very smart Professional Social Media Marketers out there who work miracles for their clients, but they prove the rule by being exceptions. Most regular businesses struggle to make it work. Ads to do with holidays, credit cards & local vouchers do well, as might special interest DVDs (until all the target audience has seen the ad).  So save your money unless the FB info product is about building communities & lists, NOT about selling stuff  ‘off the page’ … or hire a Pro (Put the cook in the kitchen)

Just to be clear, Im NOT talking about FB Fanpage community, list & relationship building which may THEN lead to a sale further down the pipe here. Those things work & work quite well. I’m talking about 22 year old spivs banging out ‘how to make a fortune sending FB users to clickbank’ video products and other such bullshit

Your comments, please …

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8 thoughts on “Facebook > Clickbank Ads Bullshit

  1. You hit the nail on the head dave,i think i shall listen to your wisdom and frank assesment of the fb and other various imer bullshitters more often,i found fb ads team very hard work to deal with anyway,i can see the fanpage route working though as a process.thanks anyway for that simple refutation its quite obvious i suppose but doh..when you dont know there is always somebody out there ready to bullshit you i guess.nice one

  2. That info is great and ive never really bothered with facebook myself for selling etc.(i HAVE loooked and done a bit of homework on it)

    Mainly because i dont buy from there or know anyone who does so i just thought if i dont know anyone buying is it worth selling??

    I know that Dave Shillito is a top guy and HE knows his onions very well, SO if Dave says it doesnt work then thats good enough for me BUT im just gonna have a look through now BECAUSE im pretty sure that my old mate Dave sent me an FB type Buy it Now make money etc mail a while ago.

    And if i find it and it is a FB product link etc


    • @ Signior Chunkynuts. Ha, yes I did & do promote a ‘Make Money With Facebook’ product, but its about making money with Fanpages (which works), not taking clicks direct from ads to Clickbank (which doesn’t) ;0)

  3. Hi Dave
    I found what you had to say very interesting and helpful and though logical
    Not always obvious to all concerned.
    I wish you continued success with your guidance and hope that people will
    Make good and productive use of your advice and products.
    Hayden Harris C.e.o Haypro Films Leeds

  4. Agreed.

    Aren’t you totally sick of hearing the “Social Media revolution” line trotted out as the answer to all marketing needs??

    The clue is in the title folks – SOCIAL media. It’s like Dave says – people trying to flog you something at a social event causes narrowed eyes, clenched fists and rude language.

    Facebook is a SOCIAL event, people are relaxed and chatting. Popping up with a product to sell is like turning up to your friends wedding with their ex-Wife on your arm. It simply makes people uncomfortable and want to avoid you.

    As the “Spivs” would no doubt say though, “…don’t let the facts stand in the way of a good information product….”

  5. Think you should stop holding back and say what you really think.
    Don`t think i`ll be placing ads with facebook anytime soon.
    Thanks for the heads up dave.
    Quality article as always.

  6. “Someone needed to say that, by the way”

    Yes they did and I’m glad it was you. Way to go, as our Yankee friends would say!

    Spivs is exactly what they are, and they are the reason IMers have a reputation on a par with a Used Car Salesman.

    The part about Yellow Pages and being in the buying mood was very perceptive, and there is probably no overcoming that with Facebook. It’d require them to change their whole reason for being on that site, which is really not likely to happen. So making money via Facebook clearly isn’t viable for most sellers if they expect the Ads to be their Golden Goose.

    As you say, building relationships and communities is the only way to go. But of course that’s far harder work than paying for an Ad and these BS peddlers quite cynically take advantage of that part of human nature that wants results quickly and without too much effort.

    Hopefully you’ll have saved some poor sap some money when they were tempted to buy one of these garbage products.

    We need more people like you standing up and telling it how it is.

    Keep up the good work! 😉

  7. David,
    Spot on! I have also gone down the FB Ads route and can categorically confirm that what you say is true.
    To add insult to injury, FB tell you to target your audience by using their demographics etc. Then when you do, they ban your ad because they say it discloses the fact to FB users that you have accessed their database to pinpoint the audience you want to pitch to – crazy.
    Example – I was promoting a wedding speeches affiliate product and targeted my ad at FB users who, in addition to other criteria were single.
    Result – rebuked by FB for doing what they told me I could do and my ad was banned because they said I was making it apparent that I knew my target audience was not married. What’s their database there for then and why is it publicly available to use if when you do they ban you?
    Keep up the good work,