Four sales in one

When you are selling stuff (and this could include an idea) there are in fact FOUR sales that MUST be made before it’s a done deal

I’m sure there are exceptions to this, but like all exceptions, they prove the rule by being … exceptions!

So, this is what your prospect has to buy (& usually in this order too)

•    They have to ‘buy’ YOU
•    They have to buy your company
•    They have to buy their problem
•    They have to buy your solution

OK, let’s lay this out …

It doesn’t matter if they know they have a problem & like your solution – if they don’t like you, they probably won’t buy

Ever heard the idea ‘People buy people first’?

If you had 3 joiners at your house quoting for a job & you really didn’t like the second guy – he isn’t getting the work now is he?

OK – They may like you, but – for whatever reason, they aren’t sold on your company

Maybe they have had a bad experience, or know someone who has, or read about someone who has etc etc etc. If they don’t ‘buy’ your company, they aint buyin’

Next, they have to actually buy the fact they have a problem! You could be ‘Mr. Saturday night’ and your company could be the best there is, but if they don’t think they need dem windas, they aint buying any, right?

This is like the person who refuses to seek treatment or therapy – his or her situation is a problem for everyone else!

If they themselves don’t much care, they won’t take action towards a solution

Finally, they have to buy your solution

To labor the point – they may love YOU to bits, think your copier company is great, know full well they need a new copier on the hurry-up,  but …

… they just don’t like the copiers you have

Too big, wrong colour, too noisy, whatever

Sooo – whats to do?

Professional salesmen concentrate only on things they CAN change

If it’s not your business you likely can’t change the company name, its literature, its reputation in the market, its products or its rates / prices …

So what can you control?

All you can control is your likeability (rapport skills) & your presentation

If you need help with such things, get in touch

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