So. What business are you in?

Go round the room and ask that question. Maybe someone says ‘banking’ (although they don’t own a bank) and another says ‘Design Consultancy’. Next pipes up ‘Carpet Fitter’ and the next maybe ‘Therapist’ or ‘Software Developer’

Understand this: there is a HUGE difference between being a Plumber, & being in the Plumbing business. Think of the difference between being a singer, and being in the ‘singing business’. See, Simon Cowell can’t sing a note, yet he makes millions from the ‘singing business’

The people really making money in any arena know that there really is only one skillset you need to enter and thrive in any market, and that is … HOW TO MAKE THE PHONE RING

Everywhere you look there are things for sale. No shortage of ‘stuff’

What there is a shortage of, for almost all businesses,  is people to sell to … buyers. Around the world, around the country, around your city & up your alley, the one thing all businesses need more than anything else is people to sell to. Leads.

If you know how to generate leads – which is the primary function of marketing (not sales, thats a different thing) you can almost name any business, enter & win there. If you know how to make the phone ring off the hook with people interested in buying, say, Horse feed, you can enter that market & dominate it – even if you know zero about Horses, or indeed Horse feed.

We would just broker the leads for a percentage of subsequent business. Once again, standing in our preffered ‘toll booth’ position

It doesn’t really matter what industry you are in, or what you sell, make no mistake – the business you are in is marketing

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