How to market to an email list without broadcasting to it (zero risk of spam)

If you have an email list but don’t have it loaded into a paid autoresponder service (like Aweber or GetResponse) here’s the stealthy solution

The email address people have lodged with Facebook is ALWAYS a good, live address they check – so FB email records are super clean – no throwaways

When advertising with FB you have several options. You can of course choose to have your ad seen only by an audience you cobble together from their in built targeting options, based on gender, age, location, interests, groups joined etc

But you can also create a ‘Custom Audience’ – where you tell Facebook …

“THESE are the exact people I want to see my ad, the only people”

(so yes, in theory, you can have your ad shown to just one person)

Facebook allows you to upload a list of email addresses (or phone numbers by the way) which they then go to work trying to MATCH to any registered users email address they have on file. Once their computers have finished scanning the millions of records they have – & have matched as many as possible to the list you uploaded, this then produces for you a ‘custom audience’

Facebook subsequently deletes the file you uploaded once the custom audience is created

Facebook like this because the high level of precise targeting increases the chance of a (paid for) click exponentially

So lets say you uploaded 1000 email addresses. If they are your own paying customers emails addresses, the match rate will be high (900 +) If the folks on the email list are NOT your customers, the match rate will be lower, but still, you will be able to show your ads JUST to those people, however many or few they may be

This is amazing if you think about it. Let’s say you sell carpets in Birmingham & you have an email list of people who are moving house in Birmingham, you can upload that list & show ads JUST to house movers in Birmingham

Or let’s say you have a list of 10,000 architects, with only mailing & email addresses. You could send them direct mail, which won’t be cheap. Or you could use a stripper (free) to scrape only the email addresses from all that data, and upload THAT list to Facebook. THAT’S how you could advertise DIRECTLY to those architects without email or direct mail, and don’t forget, this ain’t a newspaper ad so …

You only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad!

here’s a short (under 4 mins) video showing step by step how to do this in Facebook ad manager


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2 thoughts on “How to market to an email list without broadcasting to it (zero risk of spam)

  1. Hi Dave,

    As I write, I am using your strategy to promote to Facebook – what a stunningly clever idea – a new lease of bankable income advice from your email list – just the Mid-Life Kicker I needed for 2016!

    And a double thanks for your video above showing me EXACTLY how I need to do it – sweeeet!

    You have just given me a brand new income stream Dave – Thanks!

    David Geoffrey Litten

    • Hi Dave,

      An update to my previous post – I uploaded my own list of 20,000 email addresses, and Facebook found over half of them with Facebook accounts – amazing! And I took your advice, and asked Facebook to find a Lookalike audience based on my email list alone – they have just come up with AN ADDITIONAL 7,600 names.

      So in the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, I just got thousands of customer who will ALREADY be interested in my products. At around 100 quid a pop, and if I only get a lousy one percent of buyers, YOU just found me an extra £7,600 of income – bet I get close to 20 grand out of your idea!

      Drinks are on me when I’m next in Leeds Dave!