Internet Time Machine

Do you ever wish you had an internet time machine?

A device you could use to go back & see earlier versions of either your own site/s or …. any site (maybe what Facebook looked like when it started?)

Well, there IS just such a machine – its called ‘WayBackMachine’ from – and this is how it works …

Just like Google crawls the internet ‘indexing’ (storing) WebPages so you can find them with search, so WaybackMachine has taken ‘snapshots’ of millions of WebPages … for years – & stored them in a virtual vault

How many WebPages? How about 280 BILLION!

(They also archive old films, audios & software)

You can enter the url (www address) of any site and see if the machine has stored an earlier version of the site.

(You can also ‘force’ it to snapshot, copy and store site or webpage at will)

I use this facility when articles appear about me in the international media. I’m fortunate to have had my ideas appear on hundreds of syndicated news sites etc all over the world (CBS, FOX, CNN, NBC etc etc) but …

I know these pages will eventually disappear as new content & stories take the place of mine. Sometimes the articles are only visible for a few days – so when something from or about me appears on a page somewhere, I get the page address & use TheWayBackMachine to index it … forever

This way, if someone (including me) questions what the article said, or if it even appeared at all, I know that snapshot page is stored in the Machine & I have the archive url which the Machine gives me

This can be fun and VERY useful for all kinds of personal, professional & legal reasons  ;0)

Go HERE  now and check it out

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