Is this the OPPOSITE of the ‘Shoe Button Complex’?

What’s the OPPOSITE of the ‘Shoebutton Complex’? Could it be the frustration we feel when someone we know presses ahead with a business plan, a repair, a restoration, a leaflet print run, a DIY project or whatever … when they KNOW full well we have experience down that alleyway, yet they never ask for our help, advice or guidance?

I would love to hear what you think about this – Comments below please

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2 thoughts on “Is this the OPPOSITE of the ‘Shoe Button Complex’?

  1. I guess it’s true Dave. You really can’t be a prophet in your own village ! 😂 but as an ( emergency out of hours fault finding specialist ) electrician. Friends and family would often let me fix their electrical problems just for the cost of the parts ( to help ME out because they would rather give me the work than a stranger ) and then fall out with me because they thought I had ripped them off ! And they could have done the job themselves anyway ! Nothing stranger than people is there ?
    Good to see you looking so well 😊👍