Money From YouTube

Make money creating Product Review Videos

Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube are product review videos

Some of these get millions of views. A few have close to a hundred million views. Think about that – what would it be like to have a hundred million views on YouTube? If it were your video and it was monetized, you could earn tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds from Google in Adsense revenue from that video – for several months

To me, that looks like a great way to make a living. Creating and posting product review videos on YouTube. The good news is creating these kinds of videos can be pretty easy. In mostcases, all you need is a tripod and any kind of camera that can record video

If you’re camera shy, don’t worry. In many review videos, the person doing the review never appears on camera. So you don’t have to worry about what you look like on video

Of course it helps to know a few secrets about setting up and editing a product review before you start shooting. To make it easier, I’ve found a video from one of my mentors, Bill Myers, who created a short video called a ‘Three minute guide to shooting a product review video’, which shows the easy way to create these kinds of videos

If you’ve ever wanted to produce one, or see one that has close to a hundred million views, be sure to check out Bills videos HERE

You might want to consider joining Bills site. I’ve been a member for 14 years, and you couldn’t pay me to cancel even though I don’t visit that often

Please note that the link above is NOT an affiliate link, I just know that if you are creating products, Bill Myers is the man (He is the ‘Mysterious American’ that launched Andrew Reynolds)

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