NOT A Cocked Trigger After All

I hear it all the time ..

“Oh, yeh, well, it’s OK if you don’t have mortgage payments, school fees, car payments, kids and all that – if  my life wasn’t taken up with all that stuff, man, I’d be off & running”

Really? Would you?

See, most people like to THINK they are a cocked trigger, just waiting until the planets line up, they’ve got a divorce or their parents pass or they win big – whatever, THEN, they can climb mountains & ford streams & live the life of an Ibiza DJ

But this is usually bollox

Like Gulliver, tied down with the cumulative strength of 1000 fragile ropes, not one of which could hold him, we are all full of ‘if only’ and ‘when’ – but the truth is, the vast majority of folk were they suddeny untethered, would just blink in the sunlight

I speak to people who have been made redundant. They have £30k burning a hole in their pocket, seriously considering spending £28k on a fucking wheelie bin cleaning franchise, but thats not what bothers me …

What bothers me is, the FEAR of blank page they are now faced with. Given the sudden opportunity to be the author of their own destiny, the true master of their soul … they freeze. Will NOT grab that rudder

I’m selling them on what a wonderful opportunity they have, and they are scared. Scared because all those excuses, the debts, the job, all that shit they’ve been trotting out for years as to why they can’t or never will, are suddenly gone

And faced with the fact they can, within reason, now be, do & have anything, its a sobering realisation they have no goals. No grand plan. No dreams to speak of. Alas, they never were a cocked trigger. It was all just chin music

Like the slave on a plantation handed his certificate of freedom, sure, he kicks his heels and whoops n hollars a while. Then looks into the faces of his friends & family, looks down that dusty road to town & realises he has no clue what to do with himself. He never was a slave. No clue what to do with freedom.

A fuzzy future has no pull power. You cannot buy a ticket to ‘warm & sunny’

Lifes plan needs specifics. What are YOUR hopes, dreams, goals & aspirations for the next 90 days, 12 months, 5 years? Can you say?

See, people come to me and moan they are not making decent money & I ask them – “OK, What is the most expensive thing you have for sale right now?”

They say – “Err, $27”

Even if the planets line up and a some millionaire falls in love with their story & offers to buy everything & anything they have right now, all their shit, every offer – how much would they make?

“The easiest way to make £1000 is to sell something for £1000” – Sir Alan Sugar

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