Now you can’t trust these guys?

In the UK we have Which? Magazine and the DTI

In the U.S. they have the Better Business Bureau

This video is quite an eye opener

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5 thoughts on “Now you can’t trust these guys?

  1. Absolutely scandalous!

    Hopefully the publicity on this has been sufficiently widespread in the US to completely discredit the BBB and render it inoperable. Just can’t imagine life without an ethical and trustworthy Consumer Association and Which here in the UK!

    Thanks again Dave for keeping us posted.



  2. I checked a couple of New York Times articles on this.
    The much used phrase,
    “We will look into this, and make sure it never happens again.”,
    seems, strangely, to be missing, or rather, I couldn’t find it.
    Was it said?

    Apparently the BBB used to be a “grass-roots-look-em-in-the-eye” organisation, but are now in transition to “an online provider of consumer information”; thanks and credit to NYT at –

    Shame, I think grass roots are good.

    Anyone seen any new developments?

  3. Hi Dave
    Reminds me of the old protection rackets, pay up or else.

    Brings to mind too the gas and electricity recommender’s who will give a different company even though you quote the same figures for the same area even within the same 5 minutes because they get a commission from each company that they recommend. Most people don’t know that this goes on because they believe what they are told and never think to ask a second time.

    If they only recommend the cheapest every time, the other companies would withdraw from their schemes. If you as a company are not in their schemes and hence don’t pay them a commission for your recommendation then you will never be chosen as the cheapest, even if you are.

    I would imagine the same goes for car insurance. My recommendation would be to do your own shopping around and make sure you are comparing like for like policies.
    best wishes

  4. Hey Dave,

    Nothing in America or the EU or anywhere else for that matter, where making a fast buck is concerned, surprises me any more. The only way to beat all of these thieves and con artists is for people, en masse, to cancel their membership and not pay another penny. Starved of their funding, they will soon perish.


  5. the BBB just did not look right in the clip, it only took a short time to discover what was wrong.It was that they wern’t wearing masks as any decent bandit would. so much for being impartial and unbiased.