One Hour

My personal attention entirely focused on you & your business as a one-off event for 1 hour.

Diagnosis, Prescription, Strategy, Ideas & Tools.

I GUARANTEE the value you will get: If you implement my ideas & don’t see exponential changes, I won’t keep your money

1 Hour By Phone or Skype

OK, You’re not looking for a big commitment, you just want a little quality time with someone whose knowledge and expertise you trust, for some advice and a different perspective.

We can do that In an hour

In an hour, you will get answers and clarity for “something big” or for pesky unresolved details, and end up with strategies and an action plan to deal with them

Starting a new business? Need to grow an existing business? Need advanced marketing advice?

Heres how it works

My current phone / Skype rate is £140 per hour + VAT. This is a 100% tax deductible business expense. If you need a VAT receipt just ask. When you are ready, click the button and secure your personal call with me …

I’m Ready – Lets Do It!

My office will send you an email with a few questions so you can tell me what you hope an hour together will accomplish. This will give you the opportunity to tell me everything about you, your business, and what you’d like to work on. When you reply to that, we will send you a selection of times & dates to book the actual call.

The pre-call email information allows us to spend 100% of the paid session time addressing the subject you’re looking for advice and support on, because we’ve already gotten all of the backstory out of the way.

You’ll be amazed how much we’ll cover & how transformational my ideas are

There’s so much we can do in just an hour to keep you and your business on the right track, or to get you back on the right track.

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