Proof there are no businessmen in Government

And here you have it my friends

In black & white

Proof positive there are no businessmen in Governement…


“The Treasury” expects to save £8 million …

… at a cost to industry & other departments of £80 million!

then has the cheek to say this will save the taxpayer money

Sorry to use profanity but thats just …


Oh, and dont think it would make any difference which party was in power, as this country is run by people other than the puppets you see on screen


Your comment? ….

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22 thoughts on “Proof there are no businessmen in Government

  1. It’s simple dave.

    The government is full of w*nkers.

    But why should we be suprised, we are not alone.

    We belong to the EU, with even bigger w*nkers.

  2. Hi Dave
    I’m not surprised and I don’t allow it to get to me. I just accept while the situation stands. However I agree with a lot of the previous comments but not necessarily for the same reasons. 🙂

    I noticed a connection between this and a yahoo comment about the number of forged fake £1 coins in circulation somewhere in the region of 1 in 37 according to one estimate. Anyway one of the ways to tell if you had a fake was if it is rejected by vending machines or parking meters etc. If it is rejected the advice was/is to take your hard earned fake coin to the local police station (if you can still find one open) and hand your fake to them. As if he he. It is illegal to pass on fake coins to others unless it is to the authorities. Oh and I don’t expect you get a new good one in exchange for the fake.

    Now then back on the coins trail, if the new fatter ones are rejected maybe they think all the honest and not wanting to be sent to gaol people will take the good ones (that are rejected by the vending machines and parking ticket machines)to the police station too.

    Talk about the lunatics running the asylum. The ice berg syndrome in action, in other words it is not what is visibly seen that does the damage it’s what is out of site that does.

    Oh! Dave I am looking for my magic purse (I think it is hiding from me) As soon as it turns up I will do that video for you that I promised you a good while ago. Is there any preference as to how I should send you a copy or should I just stuff it up on you tube for the world to see?
    Beat wishes

  3. This is a job creation program by the Government. Make new coins so they do not fit the machines,this in turn will make old machines out of date. So in the end they have to be replaced with new ones which have to be made thus keeping the unemployment down. In the end the Government has saved 8 million and cost the rest of the Country a bloody fortune.
    Then, when they get kicked out in the next election they all end up with a bloody fortune in the banks (off shore) and we the UK end up picking up the mess. Which how it has been for years and years.

  4. There are no words in the English dictionary that describe how i feel about this. Yet again, the government wasting money by changing things that don’t need touching. Saving money? They don’t know how to pay their Tax, let alone save money.

    However, i was talking to a riend of mine, and she said that we should be more like the Japanese. Don’t Tax the people that work, Tax the Businesses, and that tax would pay for a lot more, than taxing the people. I did some sums, and its right.

    In Japan, they Tax businesses 50% on revenue. Thats it. They don’t tax the workers. So therefore more money to spend. Businesses grow faster and quicker, and everyone knows their place.

    I know this may shock people, but it does make more business sense.

    For example, Tesco is a massive retail chain. They do £5 billion in revenue a year. Need i say more? I know the little businesses wouldn’t see much. But, everyone copes don’t they? Plus businesses would grow quicker, just look how Japan does.

  5. Hi Dave,
    Life’s too Fxxxing short.
    If the circumstances don’t suit you, walk!
    If you cannot take action and make a difference, walk!
    But if you really want to make changes, take massive action!
    Nobody cares Dave, talking millions is just out of
    Joe Public’s league,completely incomprehensible.

    You want some examples? OK.

    Every single day we receive requests for rentals from
    girls, under 25 with one two or three kids, oh, and no partner.
    Rent? paid for by DSS
    Rates? paid for by local authority?
    Child benefit? paid for by Govt
    Income support? paid for by Govt
    Behind a them, in a great many cases there probably IS a partner, working, or on the dole, also claiming.
    And I’m only talking about LEEDS!
    Do they give a shit for you or me?

    Number of words in the folowing
    Pythagorus Theory 24
    Lord’s prayer 66
    10 Commandments 179
    USA declaration of independance 1300
    EU REGS on sale of cabbages 26911
    I wonder how much those words actually cost and how valuabl;e they are as knowledge. just think EU and imagine a Niagra of money
    flowing swiftly away after a great fall.
    Controlled by over paid unelected shitbags.
    Do you get the feeling I think we should leave?

    Every time a soldier dies (for no good reason)because some Fxxxing
    Politician thinks he should, the cost is incalculable,
    in terms of hard cash, oh and true human heartbreak.
    Billions Dave, Fxxxing billions.

    Your example is a damp patch on the tip of the iceberg.

    Back to square one mate.
    If you are able, make a difference.
    Have a swift glance at the task you face if you are prepared to try.
    On second thoughts let’s go back to my first statement.
    Life’s too fxxxing short mate.
    Stay calm, be peaceful, enjoy, ignore the madness around you.
    Earn enough to sustain you and your loved ones in whatever circumstances you find your self existing within.
    Because you know what Dave, You ain’t gonna make it out of here alive.

    God! Why did I start!
    Your mate

  6. It would be laughable if it was not such a con. If the government was as serious about saving money as it claims to be, it would print its own currency free of interest instead of forcing us to pay interest to the bank of England for the privelege of them printing it and loaning it to us.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but if I was able to produce my own legal tender I would never be in debt as I could produce whatever I needeed to cover my overheads.

    Sounds too simple and good to be true doesn’t it

  7. Hi Dave

    It is time that we all realise that this country is run by pilliocks sorry Civil Servents not the so called members of parliaments who only turn up for the money.
    The so called members would strugle to run a piss up in a brewery if they could not claim expences.
    Sorry to be so direct ( no I am not ) these people are highly paid to do sod all and this is an example of sod you son I’m alright.
    Time I shut up your not supposed to be nasty to our loyal representatives. )Ha Bloody Ha) Can I say that?

    Dave Phillips

  8. Hi Dave
    Whilst completely stupid it is not shocking. I once had a secondment to a local authority and needed to go to various assignments for them, later claiming back travel costs. I had a BMW then (not new) and claimed for petrol. I was told that I could only claim 2nd class railfare and was also told “By the way we do not like you driving to these events in a BMW” !!! I had access to the stationery room where (wait for it ) there was no monitoring whatsoever of how much stock was taken. My main business did quite well for some time after that.
    It is not only UK. I have just returned from a break in Portugal where they have introduced an overhead electronic camera system to photo the number plates of drivers using the Motorway. This clocks up a tax charge which has to be paid after 3 and not more than 5 days later at any post office. Non payment attracts a heavy fine. The car hire company did not tell us about it. So guess how many people are on these motorways other than first day tourists? None. The population will not use them. So almost NIL revenue for a high installation cost.
    Finally, has anybody seen Gordon Brown since he departed having destroyed our pension schemes?

    • Roger, whats the odds the Portuguese government have an incentive / punishment in place to discourage the hire companies from pointing this out?

  9. I have the privilege to count David as a personal friend – so my reply will come as no surprise to him. Do not rely on government or a pension to act as a safety net. David gave me (and continues to provide) personal consultancy to grow my online business. I have an online 6-figure income thanks to him alone.

    I now live a 65 year-old life in Spain making money on autopilot. I earn as much as I ever did as a professional project manager back in the 90’s, and I earn it doing something that I am passionate about – spending just 2 hours a day to administer it when I am not chilling by my pool. If I fancied working hard enough and taking ALL of David’s advice, I could double my income in the next 12 months. But I’ve got enough.

    Don’t believe me? Check out my blog:

    Thank you Dave for waking me up, giving me step-by-step instructions to build a long term sustainable business, stop me from voting for self-interested politicians (it only encourages them – and the above is just a gnat-bite to what they are really doing to your potential waelth ), cease wasting emotion about crap I can’t control, and focus on building myself an independent life. End Of Story. PS. About time you came over for a chill out and a few beers Dave!!!

    • Bloody hell Dave, folks will think I paid you to write that! You were already a smart cookie when we hooked up – but thanks for the kind words there! Yes, I will be back in Spain soon as Im on the lookout for property as you know, so will definately have a Latte with you

  10. Dave,

    For many years now there has been a very select group of faceless individuals (some call them the Illuminati) whose sole purpose in life is to control everyone and everything throughout the world. Fear is the main weapon they use combined with a gradual, insidious erosion of our liberties and our livelihoods and our ability to create our own wealth. They want to make us ever more dependent on the state. For example, pandemics and the like are laboratory manufactured and are spread purposely to strike fear in the ignorant so that they become more reliant on their ‘masters’. Cures for the most lethal diseases, including cancer are deliberately suppressed because the pharmaceutical companies are the government paymasters and if people were allowed to be cured they would not be able to peddle their drugs at exorbitant prices and would go out of business. The same goes for the arms industry who grease palms so that wars are contrived at regular intervals. Governments, who laughingly believe they are in power, are controlled by these faceless creatures.

    There’s a story that crops up regularly about what happens when every new US President is elected and it goes something like this:

    The President, who has been groomed for many years before being elected (or to be more accurate selected by the few) is taken to an underground bunker in a well-guarded and obscure building and is shown the assassination of JFK and told, ‘There you are Mr President, you will do as we tell you won’t you’?

    Whether this is true or not or an urban myth I do not know but I bet it’s not too far from the truth.

    A friend of mine has a website at where you can find all kinds of examples of how we are being manipulated and controlled. Some, like the Bilderbergers are common knowledge now because of people like Ian Crane, but others hide behind their anonymity so they can go about their filthy activities unhindered.

    So in short, yes Dave I am pissed off with being shafted yet again.

    Regards, keep up the good work.



    I don’t know whether you are aware but GCHQ in Cheltenham has the ability to intercept/view/flag up all emails, text messages, phone calls etc. that have certain keywords in them. As I have used several in this comment, I fully expect that this will reach them before it does you.

    • “… the comments expressed in interviews do not represent the opinions of our sponsors or affiliates …” etc etc etc (Just in case there Fred)

  11. The success of every individual government department is judged by how much it saves in costs and not by how much it contributes to the economy as a whole!

  12. I can not comment on this as I would probably be locked up for using the appropriate language. Dave in Darwen UK.

    • Spot on both Daves. If you want to scare yourself to death, look up The Frankfurt School, or interviews of Uri Bezmenov on YouTube. It’s now a matter of record that the manipulation & collapse of Western society was actually planned and ENGINEERED by Soviet activists and moles over the last 30 years. I know it sounds raving paranoid but see it for yourselves.

    • Would make anyone curse Dave. Like pissing around with VAT rates to score political points, costing industry millions. Lunacy.