Master your marketing, your lead generation, and everything else is gravy.

You can always tweak a poor sales process if the leads are coming in, but even the best sales process is useless without interested prospects to sell to!

I am a direct marketing ideas factory. It’s a gift … & a curse!


If you are trying to make money online, and are stuck, I offer a 1 hour phone consultation for £140.

I GUARANTEE you will get value, insights, ideas, ‘eureka moments’ and golden nuggets of information you can use right away.

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If you have an offline ‘bricks & mortar’ business, I GUARANTEE your marketing is less than 50% as effective as it could & should be. Sit down with me for 1 hour, and I GUARANTEE you will hear marketing ideas that are new to you

I GUARANTEE IT – if you don’t agree it was worth every penny, you don’t pay

Offline ‘face to face’ marketing consultation fees:

  • in Leeds: 1 Hour (as if – I talk too much) £210 + vat
  • in Yorkshire area £297 + vat … you buy lunch
  • Anywhere else in UK, Europe or Worldwide – call or send a message to bat it about

Some of the topics we may cover …

  • Small business marketing advice & ideas
  • Marketing materials critique – whats wrong with your ads etc
  • Marketing materials creation – I create your ads etc
  • Web page critique – Offer not selling? I will tell you why, on video
  • Web marketing process advice – the psychology of it all
  • Marketing systems devised (Upsell / downsell / One Time Offers etc)
  • Sales systems & scripts – what to say & how to say it & when
  • Product development advice – secrets and pitfalls
  • Information product creation – The ‘Secret Sauce’
  • Sales copy critique – what you are not saying
  • Sales copywriting – I write your salesletter
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Offer creation
  • Advertising advice – Why is the Yellow Pages not dead by now?
  • Search Engine Optimisation – how to be found
  • Google AdWords advice – don’t lose your shirt
  • Facebook advertising consultant – what works, what doesn’t & why
  • Direct Mail consultant – make £000’s a month with Direct Mail lead generation


Business Model Mastery™ (Entrepreneur School)

Direct Marketing Salesletter for web or print

£997 + VAT Up to 4 pages. For a long form salesletter, call or contact the office

Direct Response Ad

£197 + VAT

Autoresponder series


Phone Scripts



  • My best value consultation
  • We book a time to meet up, maybe over lunch
  • We are not on the clock – you get at least 2 hours
  • You get my full attention, best advice & at least 3 ways to grow your business you hadn’t thought of
  • £210

Call 08000 226 581 to enquire or book