Shorts: ON Brain: OFF

Why is it that otherwise intelligent, professional people seem to lose their minds when they go to a gym?

In their daily work I’m sure they are responsible accountable people, but for some strange reason, as soon as they take their tie off (does anyone still wear a tie? I like ties) & slip on those shorts, they forget basic logic & their IQ drops through the floor

Whatever they do for a job, I’m sure they wouldn’t keep doing something that clearly wasn’t working – but in the gym, thats exactly what happens. Year after year they look exctly the same – or worse

You discover shortcuts, trade secrets & best practices by watching & listening to others in your working life – so why do people insist on doing gym exercises that frankly no one has ever seen before?

I’ve been a personal trainer, owned a gym in Leeds City Centre & been a competative bodybuilder in my time, from shiny health clubs to ‘spit n sawdust’ bodybuilding gyms, & I can tell you these folks are everywhere

Doctors (really), solicitors, accountants, engineers, you name it – all doing stupid injury-inducing fuckwittery

Hey, if they guy who’s taken it upon himself to give you tricep training tips has triceps like steel horsehoes, fair enough switch out what you are doing & give their advice a whirl

More often than not such unsolicited advice comes from cockwombles whos arms are like pipecleaners. Gyms are full of advice from the underqualified & so it is with the marketing advice arena & my own favourite flavour – Information Products

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