The Transparent Train

I got some great feedback after writing about the four blind men & the elephant. The story proved you can experience something first hand & STILL be wrong not right, due to limited or skewed perspectives

I want to give you my second story about that same lesson about perspective. While I can’t claim to have come up with the blind men & the elephant story, this next one is 100% my own creation!

OK, you & I are sat opposite each other & I’m now rather annoyingly bouncing a neon yellow tennis ball between my feet. Donk Donk Donk Donk Donk

Now if you were to just watch the ball, you would see that (thanks to the LAW of gravity) is going up & down between my palm & the floor. Up & down. In order for the ball to return to my palm each time, it must be going vertically up & down, correct?

There is NO ARGUMENT that the yellow ball is moving vertically & only vertically, right? Right.

Now lets imagine that you & I are, in fact, sat opposite eachother on a moving train, and the train is made of perspex, so it’s transparent – everything else is the same. Donk Donk Donk.

Our friend, however, is stood trackside as our train passes.

As we pass by she can see the bouncing ball, and with her finger she draws in the air the way the ball is moving. She draws a wave, as to her the ball is not only moving vertically, but also horizontally given the train is passing by

You would go to your grave knowing for SURE (because you witnessed it yourself with your own eyes) that the ball was only moving vertically, describing a straight line up & down.

You saw it.

Our friend would go to her grave knowing for SURE (because she witnessed it with her own eyes) that the balls movement described not a vertical line but a wave

A vertical line is not a wave & a wave is not a vertical line

So, who is ‘right’ – & how violently would each defend their belief?

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