This Info Wont Be For Everyone!

Only a very small percentage of people using the Internet are aware of the, um, darker side of the medium

As we have seen, several high profile Internet marketing ‘names’ have been under the spotlight for what some call shenanigans, & others call ‘only business’ – However … thats Chicken Feed

The big companies such as Google & eBay aren’t exactly, err, squeaky clean!

For those of you who want to go much deeper down the rabbit hole, I present here a few links to information which …

  1. If you are interested in ‘internet law’
  2. You kinda like to read a lot

… you will find fascinating methinks

OK, first up, 3 guys accused of  ‘cookie stuffing’ to make money from the eBay affiliate program (you did know eBay has an affiliate program didn’t you?!).

So whats the big deal with this cookie stuffing?  Well, about $15 MILLION in affiliate commissions is all!

You can read about the case against them HERE

Read one of the defendants responses HERE (Sure takes the shine of eBay’s image to say the least!)

And finally, if all that WAS your cuppa tea, HERE’S yer man for more of the same

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My thanks to Lee ‘X Files’ Regan

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4 thoughts on “This Info Wont Be For Everyone!

  1. LOL. This stuff is better than the TV!

    I think within the next year things are going to get verrrry interesting. Whether the DP guy is telling the truth about Ebay I don’t know, but I can absolutely believe it. We’ve all seen how Google behaves so I doubt it’s much different with Ebay. That level of money and power seems to corrupt people.

    The court case should be revealing because clearly Ebay want to make an example of him, but if he’s got the dirt on them it could backfire spectacularly. Hopefully the spotlight will then switch to Googles Affiliate program as well, because they are likely to try and corner the market in unethical ways. Oh and don’t get me started on Facebook and ‘privacy’. *gnashes teeth*

    On reflection, I think I’m on the side of the DP guy. After all even if he was getting paid for clicks he wasn’t entitled to, the clicks were dependent on somebody buying, so what has Ebay really lost if they are the innocent party here? He was probably nicking potential commissions from other affiliates so wants punishing for that, but as this is about Him v Ebay, I’m gonna be cheering for him. It’s sobering to realise that if these guys were making 97% of commissions that hardly anybody is making much as an Ebay Affiliate. LOL I made less than a quid with them. 😉

    A certain digital provider we are all probably affiliates for knows full well that many affiliates cookie stuff. Even though it’s against their TOS they turn a blind eye (unless it’s blatant). Why should they care if it results in a legitimate sale? They don’t unless they are forced to act on somebody being so blatant and crude that they have no choice to investigate officially. Then they feign outrage and ban the affiliate.

    (And no I’ve never cookie stuffed. Considered it once, but I’m too chicken. With my luck it’s a certainty I’d get caught! :p )

    Sad thing is, once the control freaks in Government get involved they’ll end up throwing the baby out with the bath water. Yeah they need slapping down and some of them jailing, but all the new regulations that come in will end up damaging the little guys chances of making an honest living in this brave new world.

    We should all be watching this case carefully, because it will end up affecting us all ultimately.


  2. WOW,

    What a real gem of a story this is, i dunno… it might just be me and my circles BUT everyone or everything always seems to end up being naughty in some way or another.

    And now i find out EBAY are/have been naughty too.

    Well i actually do very well from ebay per/month and all i will say is……