What I think ‘excess’ anything actually does to a person

Does excess alcohol, money, power or audience ‘change’ a person?

I would love to hear what you think about this – Comments below please

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4 thoughts on “What I think ‘excess’ anything actually does to a person

  1. Hey Dave very good points!!

    I agree that if people need too much of something they will never be happy or satisfied with life!

    Some of the happiest people I know have pretty much nothing!!

    We do however need enough to keep us and our family alive and always focused on something of purpose that excites and motivates us daily!

    How are you keeping anyhow mate? You’re looking well!!


    • It’s the great lie we all eagerly buy into – that more ‘stuff’ will make us happy. As if one can satiate hunger by sellotaping sandwiches to our bodies

      For better or worse we live in a consumerist society, so ‘they’ MUST push the idea that the acquisition of ‘stuff’ will make us happy – when in fact as you rightly say, alls we need to be truly happy is something to be getting on with, something to get excited about, something to look forward to & something to get our teeth into

      Yes, I’m feeling 80% of my old self again. Thank F*ck I’ll never be my old self again. Re above, I’m on with optimising the new version LOL