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At 67 years old, David’s signature system, Business Model Mastery, was instrumental in taking me from struggling to pay my utility bills (unable to monetise my chops due to being isolated half-way up a Spanish mountain side) to now living in a €1.4 Million villa with over $10,000 a month in digital sales. I owe my entire online financial success and independence from taking his advice. I learned more about business models and techniques from him than a library of books – not that you will find what he teaches and shares in any other place.  I am NOT getting any piece of this, I am not repaying any favour – I just want YOU to know, that amongst all the shite of the internet, Dave has been solely responsible for giving me an independent income each month. Dave Shillito saved my financial life, and gave me an incredible regular income online. And feel free to check me out, email me, I’m real! (Example: offering a premium option – I followed Daves advice and IMMEDIATELY increased my sales by 15% – by doing jack shit except stripping out stuff from my old one-option product and only offering it in my PREMIUM version. Now almost no one buys my regular option. What a golden tweak!)David Litten
Europes #1 Project Management Expert
Always open to ideas for projects/JV’s with you … Your idea was exactly what we were looking for! Let me know if there is anything else we can do next year. Andrew Reynolds
UK Direct Marketing Legend ($80 Million banked without Google, Facebook or email)
As a charter member of the BMM Inner Circle, I was already banking over £20,000 a month before investing in Daves 8 week BMM Coaching Program, so I really didn’t need to worry about hearing the same old information regurgitated again and again. His ideas, viewpoints, strategies and systems are unique. He thinks differently, has a very unique perspective on all things business, and he helps you to see things through a new lens. Dave’s techniques are often unorthodox, he thinks outside the box and gets you to do the same. As a result you walk away with new ideas, new ways of thinking and new ways of approaching business, marketing and making money! I could not recommend Business Model Mastery Coaching highly enough to anyone ready to take their business to the next level. I will certainly be working with him again in the future and will continue to consume everything he puts out. He’s a master, a leader and a ‘giant’ upon whos shoulders I am humbly prepared, willing and honoured to stand”Adam Ringshall
Thought Leader, Master Coach & BMM Alumini
I really appreciate your help and guidance, I speak to an awful lot of so called experts and gurus and I can count the people I actually listen to on one hand and as you know you are someone that always gets my full attention. There was magic in what you did there (copy tweak) you ARE the Marketing Genie – I love it, and when I see that kind of stuff it just makes me smile. I would like to thank you for the very valuable information that you always provide. Every time I have a question or need info you always offer the best advice. These days there are NOT many people I do or would actually take advice from (you can count them on one hand) but you are definitley one of them. In Dave Shillito I trust! If you could just get a USB fitted to the back of your head I would happily finance it based on me getting the first download! If anyone is interested in making money through marketing either online or offline I always do and always will mention your name (Especially to people I care about) Dave, you are definately someone who has been there and done it and that is why in my contacts, I have you down as… Dave “Marketing Encyclopedia” Shillito – Thanks again – you have once again turned a hand grenade into a ATOM BOMB. If there is anything I can do, you know my number”Chris Allen
Daveyboy! You are a super guy Dave, really. Thank You. Lets talk when we meet again about how we can work together. I mean that”Chris Farrell
Voted The #1 Internet Coach 3 years running
Hi Dave, many thanks for our phone call. Your views have helped me look at things in a completely different light. It’s difficult to quantify the true value and wisdom in what you taught me today, but potentially you have saved me ‘years’, which is priceless. Now I am thinking in a totally different direction. Actually between you and I, I am quite literally buzzingJonathan De Mille
I first met David in 1991 when he wandered into the Benelux freight forwarding company I was interpreting for. The old school incumbent marketing guy had been steadily generating about THREE new leeds a week for years, so the MD told David he would only pay his fee per lead if he generated TEN new leads per week. I remember watching the blood drain from the MD’s face as David sat down, picked up the phone & generated ten new leads A DAY! We have been friends ever since, & I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone who understands human nature & the psychology of sales better than David ShillitoGilbert Van Der Sluis
Search Engine Whisperer
David, you’re doing great things with that copy”John Carlton
Worlds #1 Direct Marketing Copywriter. SWS 08
Hi Dave! You’ve completely overhauled my understanding on REAL marketing principles and the REAL guys to learn the most proven, tested and profitable strategies from. You’re definitely one to learn from! Thank you so much for generously sharing your hard-won insights with me. You’ve given me a new approach to building my business online with potentially much better results than before. (If you’re considering getting any advice from David, be sure to expect more than you would have anticipated – seriously!) Thanks again!” Tuli Omar
It’s fantastic to have you in our group … how could I forget the most creative TV show pilot entry! Welcome to the tribe and I am looking forward to your perspective on the various discussions going on”Robert Coorey
#1 best selling author 'Feed A Starving Crowd'
You are truly amazing … the oracle of everything! I just wanted to say a really big thank you for sharing valuable wisdom, knowledge and experience with me! I was buzzing after our conversation. I wanted to build an empire! You have helped me turn my “dream” of starting a business into a realistic opportunity that was always there, but scared to know where to start. You helped me to clarify and focus my vision, extracted things I knew and made me feel confident about my ability and most of all you shared things I didn’t know … all of this helped me believe in myself and think practically outside the box about my new business to be. Our phone call was mind blowing, eye opening and frankly not long enough. I know I will be successful with you always in my corner!”Louisa Jozsa
What great Ideas – I could never forget you”Russell Brunson
CEO ClickFunnels & Author of Expert Secrets
Dave’s ideas are invaluable. I’ve gained more in the last hour of talking to him than in many hours of trawling through all the other money-getting systems I’ve come across. What he says makes sense in so many ways and I’m raring to put his teaching into practice. He’s clear, practical, and to the point, and there’s no bullshit – he tells it like it is! I’d advise anyone seriously looking to make money to learn as much as they can from Dave Shillito. He’s got his finger on the pulse”Judith Chambers
WOW! Thank you, David. We’ll look into this idea immediately!”Brendon Burchard
3 time New York Times best selling author & founder of Experts Academy
Hiya Dave, thank you once again for a great call and sharing loads of valuable information. I was buzzing afterwards and I began telling my partner some of what we had been discussing. You know … a brief recap! HaHa. So a couple of hours later I’m still talking about it as I recalled more gems you had poured into my subconscious!Andy Gross
OK I give in! Whatever you want done, whatever you need, go see David”Armand Morin
ArmandLive 2009
Further to our consultation call today I can only describe it as a string of EUREKA moments. The information and guidance about how to run a business was priceless & your wealth of knowledge is unbelievable! I have no doubt the insights you past on have saved me years of wasted time and thousands of pounds, and even better, will MAKE me thousands and thousands of pounds/euros. You even explained that missing ingredient why 95% of people fail in such business ventures. Dave I’m so very grateful for you very valuable time, your the man”Lem Prime
Thank you David. I really appreciate your insights. If you need anything … please reach out to me”Brad Gosse
SEO Meister & Author of 'The Chonic Marketer'
Hi Dave. I’ve known for some time that the way to make good money online or off was to own or control quality products and systems. What I didn’t know I was getting was the excellent service and support that came with your company. I was blown away by the follow up … THIS was the missing piece with everything I’ve looked at before, and now I’m buzzing with ideas and moving forward with a campaign I would never have otherwise ever even thought of! Thanks so much for your help and support – I’m on fire!Ian D Major
This is a great idea David – I’ll need to think about this more because I like where your going with it for sure” Matt Bacak
Internet Marketing Legend
This guy understands what an entrepreneur is. He truely understands that it’s not just about marketing knowledge, and it’s not just about mindset – it’s about BOTH. David can transform anyone who is ready, student of marketing or not, into a true entrepreneur, show you how to work ON your business, not just IN it. If you ever have the chance to be coached, or less likely Mentored by David don’t hesitate to grab that chance – it will probably change forever the way you see business, and yourselfLee Regan
Underground WordPress Wizard
This is what it’s all about! Not poncey corporate idiots wasting time and money. Keep on truckin David”Drayton Bird
Marketing & Copywriting Genius
“Hello Dave, just quick line to say thanks for the excellent advice. I can see a great opportunity opening up for me with this one, and I’m buzzing with Idea’s. I’m busily researching everything and re-planning my strategy. Thanks also for the words of inspiration in your e-mails”Steve Purple
Hi Dave. I hope you are fit, well and prosperous. I have no doubt that your experience will be invaluable to the members of your mastermind group. I would like to offer you a JV proposal which you will find more than adds to your prosperity”Phil Gosling
Best selling author, thought leader & written word Jedi
Hi Dave, I wanted to say thank you for helping me getting started online. I learned so much through you, Chris Farrell and Andrew Reynolds, you’ve all been wonderful mentors. You’ve been a wonderful support to me as you’ve been teaching me”Michele Wood
David it was a pleasure. I called Dave shillito today and we spent an hour talking. That hour changed my life and my marketing ideas forever. I recommend using Dave Shillto products and services as he over delivers”Ian Rowe
Hey David, You were there at my first IM event down in Texas. It’s been a wild ride since! I still remember your ‘same day’ concept with the phone number – I thought it was genius!Matthew J Peters
Founder - Expert Video Empire
I first worked with David in March of 2013 and it is so refreshing to find a ‘real’ person with real and original ideas, which always seem to be that little bit different and he always is prepared to help. You know that if you are struggling or worse stuck help is at hand. And the help isn’t a system generated reply it’s more what’s the matter / have you done this / have you tried that / do this and come back to me”Bill Jones
Hi David, You are a diamond, truly a man who gives us an opportunity to get started in this business – I can go on telling you what something like this means to a new starter, but let me just say ‘Thank You’ for that wonderful and generous gesture. Very much appreciated you taking time to reply to my queries. Us Retirees, newbies and many who seek a better life have all stumbled across the gurus who have guaranteed beach front villas and fabulous riches and have all suffered the same disappointments. My problem with the ‘other’ Gurus is simply Information Overload, and that is why I like what you have offered me, there won’t be much that I would have to study, research or which traffic system to choose for my product. I am very excited because for once I have a very good chance to make money. Your book makes for very interesting reading indeed – a gem of information on how to start a business that has been done and tested. It’s already answered questions & raised a few ideas. David, you have been very transparent and at pains to advise us on the possible negative result or return of these systems, more so then any other Guru or Mentor I have signed up to in the past, anyone would therefore be very foolish not heed your advice”Andy Andree
Hi Dave – The penny has finally dropped! I felt I was coming close to something and its weird because I kept thinking about using my skills but couldn’t figure out how exactly. I cannot thank you enough for your help. I have acquired the software today and am going to get started tomorrow. I totally understand everything now and it all fits into place. Thank you SOOOOOOOO much once again Dave”Shelly Sagoo
Hi David – Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the top class, brilliant support that I have received from your support desk. Having bought other people’s products in the past and given up on them because the support was so poor (or even non-existent) it is a refreshing change to know that there are some genuine people out there, offering help and support, at all levels, for the products they sell. The icing on the cake was when I received screen cast videos, on two separate occasions, personally made by you, specifically for me, addressing my exact query. Who else does this? The owner of the product answering support desk questions in this way? Thanks again for your help”Ron Haines
I buy your stuff … i just think you have some good ideas and are one of the few decent guys out there in the field of multi millionaire online marketing gurus! There is always something i can learn and use somewhereChris Curry
International Yacht Broker, Cyprus
Many many thanks for your invaluable unique & elegant ideas, coaching & mentoring over the years (26 & counting!) – I STILL carry around your original notes … & your templates are STILL helping me train new team members to this day. Your unique insights into my industry give me a focus & clarity I simply can’t get anywhere else. I can’t wait to get started on our latest joint venture – “How to make money from people who say NO!” – Brilliant!A. Whinston Thomas
Network Marketing Master Trainer
After a serious accident in 2006 where I smashed the back of my head, the future looked bleak and I really thought there was no hope for me. It looked like I was going to survive on state benefits forever! Fortunately for me, I crossed paths with Dave Shillito. We spoke on the phone and Dave opened my eyes to endless possibilities (that I would never have thought of) regarding the various ways money can be made, especially from licensing. We discussed many possibilities on that call, and I now realise that my dreams ARE achievable – even in a wheelchair!”Kevin J Blaikie
Author of 'Four Wheels Good'
29/06/2011 – That date will mean nothing to you, for me however that’s the date I joined an entrepreneurs mailing list by the name of David Shillito. It’s crazy when I think about it because I have joined and unsubscribed from so many lists over the years but David has always given made me little nuggets of golden information to stay on his list. If you’re looking for advice or a mentor in business then David should be your #1 resource. Friendly and approachable, he’s only an email away. David will respond in person unlike others who will outsource everything instead of building a relationship with their customers”James Moore
I approached David for a joint venture and he kindly gave me some of his valuable time (a couple of hours in fact!) and explained other options I had available. This opened my eyes to how I could re position a body of work I had already done, increase the selling price 6 fold & also offered the resale rights for £1000 a time … plus as few more golden nuggets of information! The value of one phone call with David has been immeasurable to my business. Months of confusion and frustration on this aspect were made clear and I finally had a real understanding of the direction I needed to be going in to make that part of my business a success. David, you’ll never know how beneficial your time has been to me and my business. Thank you so much”Ben Doyle
Ebay Maverick
Hi Dave, your observations and suggestions are compelling. You must have a magic touch with the universe. I WILL take your advice & put a life paragraph back into my ‘Possibilities’ ezine!Will Bontrager
PHP Genius
Dave, I really want to say a huge ‘ta’ for all the information you kindly gave us all at our Mastermind group yesterday – the last hour or so switched my mindset to a completely different way of thinking. The penny dropped, and I came off the call all fired up”Janette Cass
Hi Dave, Just to say many thanks for your input at the Mastermind tonight. It was really enlightening to me personally and I have come up with more ideas, using different techniques, after our call later; one of which may be useful to you for your seminars. I will be happy to discuss this with you at the next Mastermind meeting or the workshop if you have some time at the end. Again, many thanks.”Don Hastie
Director, SFL UK
I went to meet David to get some marketing advice for my new business. From the outset David’s enthusiasm was infectious. His advice was peppered with useful anecdotes and experiences and he made what seemed a complex subject fun and accessible. I could have listened to him for many more hours! I came away with some practical ideas that I was immediately able to implement. Thank you so much David.”Lizzy Bell
MD Lizzy Bell Photography
If you are looking for a straight-forward, honest and easy way to make excellent money from promoting and selling an in-demand product, then I recommend you give David Shillito’s products a try. His book is an extremely practical guide to making superb returns for very little outlay. Give it a go! Thanks for setting up such an excellent process to allow even this absolute beginner to make EASY money through promoting and selling your book book. Can’t believe how amazingly generous you are with not only freely giving of your extensive marketing knowledge and experience but also the amount I make from each sale!Lester Jackson
Thanks so much for that idea. I Really appreciate it. Love your copywriting, by the way.”Matthew Kimberley
Author of 'Get A Grip'
I felt the urge to have one more attempt at becoming a success. While I was searching for a suitable product with which to make a start at realizing my goal, I happened upon a website of Dave Shillito. It was compelling stuff and I decided to make a purchase. It was only after that, that I realized just how much there was in getting started. At first I was a little timid, to say the least, at daring to go back and ask for a bit of advice, but from the very first email, I was assured by Dave that I would never be a nuisance, and he would always be there to help and advise, no matter what the problem was. He was, and still is, true to his word, there never being an occasion when anything was too much trouble. I think I could be one of many who have taken advantage of Dave’s generosity, but may I say with absolute sincerity, that one would have to go a very long way to find someone as straight and honest as Dave, indeed, just how he has managed to be so successful in business and maintained complete integrity is a wonder. Dave, may I wish you much continued success, and hope you will stay around for many years to come, in order that a few more of us may acquire “millionaire” status, to which we all aspire”Peter Parrish
I bought one of Daves products in the past and recently had cause to request further information. I telephoned Dave and he answered the call personally! There followed a conversation in which he was forthcoming and helpfull beyond the call of duty! Dave will go that extra mile and you are left in no doubt that you are treated as a human being and an equal. Dave Shillito is one of the good guys, there is no waffle or hype just straight forward facts!”Peter Duffy
Hi David, Thank you very much … May I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for the time and attention you offered me yesterday when I rang you up without any prior arrangement. Your kindness is very much appreciated”Wahab Musa
I have known David 6 years online. He is a very trust worthy person and always ready to help. The customer service is great. I will recommend him anytime!”Fade Adeline
David, Just a note to say thank you for going the extra mile and helping me sort out my computer problem. Your system is easy and I have set it up, but that computer glitch was beyond me. Thanks again for your support”Philip Watkins
I must say that I am really impressed at the level of professionalism and speed you have provided, It is a pleasure to have bought your product and I am looking forward to putting it into action, Also I am thinking of purchasing the *** product in the very near future and sending it out using your system! My gratitude to David for uploading the videos – they helped tremendously! You have dealt with my queries in a very professional and swift manner, it has to be said that your customer service & support is he BEST that I have ever had, and its a pleasure to make reference to it. Also David himself responds to your queries and emails, which are always dealt with within 24 hours and the level of response is full and clear. I had an issue & David himself posted a personal video on exactly how to do it – Guys I THANK YOU all you really opened my eyes to a different world!”Mark Rusling
Hello Dave – thanks for our recent discussion which just confirms you are one of the ‘nice guys’ on the Internet. It really is reassuring to do business with you. You are a straight forward honest man full of integrity. I have known people who make claims but when it comes down to it deliver little. Not you, your offers are good as is your support and what you say you will deliver you do. I would recommend you to anyone wanting help with their online business”Sandy Moriarty
Hi Sir David (you deserve a knighthood) Bloody hell. Here’s me fretting about creating a product, doing the sales page, marketing and so on, when the solution is as simple as you say. Why didn’t it occur to me to do it this way? – doh! I can now see so many possibilities. You’re a STAR David. Thanks very much. Going to now read through all the emails, info etc I’ve received from you over the years (kept the lot glad I signed up to your list all those years ago) to formulate a plan for getting traffic to my website”Charles Smedley
Hi David – your book was very enlightening and inspirational and made us really think about how the larger online organisations effectively market themselves in the real world! It was a raw and honest insight into the power of direct mail and the incredible and powerful results you can get, in comparison to the time consuming struggle to getting seen online and other ways. It is a very compelling read and written with honesty and vigour. It really does make you rethink your marketing strategy but also makes you realise you have to do your maths before undertaking a campaign so you make a good profit. Thoroughly enjoyed it David – bring on more!Elaine Sanderson
Seminar Leader
Hi David. Just to let you know your marketing idea is working! Fully 12% of people who request the re-branded *** go ahead and order a high ticket product!”Brian Thompson
Dave Shillito is a highly experienced marketer, entrepreneur, coach, and trainer … an unusual blend of great skills. I used him to help me develop my publishing business, and his ideas, insight, coaching, and support have already been superb. If you want an expert to coach and train you in making money then hire him, you’ll profit from it enormously!Ken Sturgeon
MD Ken Sturgeon Training, Coaching, and Publishing
I’ve just recently signed up with David & can honestly and truly say his system is one of the best and easiest I’ve ever come across. It’s given me a BUZZ on how to earn TRUE money on a daily basis. There is No scam, this is a truly remarkable system anyone can do if they are looking to change there lives forever financially … & the support you get is outstanding!Melvin Jacobs
Hi Dave – Thanks again for your wealth of experience and knowledge, you have taken time to help me with some new ideas, and you get back to me so quickly, will be putting some into practice very soon. All the best” David Fawbert
Thank you David for your recent help and support. It’s a very rare experience to meet someone on line or through social media who is prepared to put their experience at the disposal of others on first contact. It’s usually pay first and then you may find something worthwhile in the information sent (if you can understand the jargon) My experience with people on line has usually been disappointing, but there is always the exception and I have to say the David Shillito falls well within this category. He took the time and trouble to review my challenge and his response was simple to understand and the explanations very clear. I have no hesitation in recommending David to anyone looking for marketing advice – indeed if you are in the business of marketing a product I recommend you reach out to him. David, many thanks for your help and guidance.Paul Greaves
Hi my name is Graham Minter. Since I bought David’s system I’ve made money from day one and continue to make money. It’s the best £97.00 I have ever spent. I have found David to be trustworthy and honest & if I have any questions he replies straight away & always goes that extra mile to answer in full. In my opinion finding someone like David Shillito is rare in the online market place. If you can’t make money with David’s systems you are doing something wrong. I have made money with very little effort using his systems and continue to make money every month.Graham Minter
Wow! In the short time that I have spent with David it quickly became apparent that he knows his stuff. He is brimming with both ideas and real world techniques on growing any business. Best of all, he wastes no time at all, getting to the meat of the problem. If I was going to recommend someone to provide marketing expertise, I would have no hesitation – David Shillito … He’s all you need!Andrew Hughes
CEO Motorholme - Europes Largest Motorhome Company
I’ve spent the last 10 days thinking of nothing else apart from your last words and how true they are. You have been the best inspiration. How many ways can I say ‘thank you’ without sounding like a stuck record! I love the Dose of Dave emails I receive – as always lots of perfect sense. You speak more truths and sense than anyone I have ever heard. Real man, real help, no hype – a reason to hope again”Sally Benton-Tarry
All I can say is Wow! I would never have thought of this business method in a month of Sundays. It simply can’t fail if you follow the instructions. Finished all three modules and I can really see how someone with a few brain cells could earn a tidy sum every month – even give up work altogether. I have checked numerous extra income courses (avoided the get rich overnight crap ones) and yours stands out, I’ve never seen a plan like that. Dave has really proved he can think outside of the box. Worth every penny and then some”Dave Evans
David, many thanks for your time on our call today. Having spent a great deal of money with other Internet marketing gurus, especially those in the US like Frank Kern, it was great to meet and speak to a real person who took the time to understand my situation and give me some targeted and specific advice. Sometimes it’s just extra clarification that’s needed to have all parts of the jigsaw fall into place. You certainly helped me with that today and much more. And other than you being from Leeds (!) I’d be happy to recommend you to any client, experienced or newbie, looking for support on proper marketing. Thank you again.Stuart Corrigan
MD Vanguard Scotland
Wow! What a product. Well worth the investment and the content was precise, to the point, factual and had none of the usual BS we are subjected to with other purchases. I can highly recommend it and can see my way at last! Cheers DaveMark Jones
“Having lost my way in the past as many of us do, it is hard to find somebody that offers to help you that really walks the talk … we buy an offer then the real serious business starts, that’s where problems start, and it’s the same scenario time & again. If you want to get in touch with someone who does follow up your questions, listen to this guy. David proves not everyone is a BS merchant !”Paul Nice
It’s one thing having a great idea but without high quality guidance it’s a complete minefield and many hundreds, even thousands of pounds may be lost. Without doubt David has been a tremendous help in many respects from offering invaluable advice to providing top quality products. I don’t think I could have achieved the success I have without David’s kind advice and guidance. He has been a tremendous help and a person I can talk to in a relaxed, almost a ‘friend from years ago’ approach. I would without doubt recommend his well researched teachingsNick 'Gnasher' Evans
Completely sane Dentist
I feel very comfortable doing business with David Shillito as right from the beginning HE made me feel very comfortable. David is a straight talking, no nonsense guy, he has a real passion for helping people become successful in online and offline businesses. Having being stung by some online marketing guru’s it’s refreshing to come across someone like David who’s team responds to tickets promptly. He is a genuine and passionate marketer who wants to help others succeed in whatever business they are in. Thanks David and keep it up mate & thanks for all you’re doing for so many people”Anjum Emanuel
Hi Dave, just a quick email to say a big thank you – I have learned so much from you I find it all coming back out of my own mouth now, teaching others. When I look back at what I was doing with the nightclub & all the opportunities I was missing I just have to laugh. Again, thank you so much Dave”Lee Yates
David is the real deal. He is very helpful & resourceful, and always responds to any questions you may have. His program is pure genius. It gives you solid instructions on how you can take control of your financial life leveraging assets that are simple to create if you put your mind to it. David will not leave you guessing as to what the next steps are. You will have a clear blueprint on what action needs to be taken and have the overwhelming support from someone who genuinely cares”Marie Ramchan
Brooklyn NYC
Last night was fortunate to talk with David Shillito, a business guru and very nice guy. In those 2 hours conversation he explained to me about change, taught me about feelings and the mechanics behind them & the importance of value and why this it’s a gamechanger. I know this man has helped so many people to change aspects of their life and business to be successful. He also gave me some golden nuggets that will change my lifeSimon Hearn
Police Officer
I had the pleasure of coming across David Shilito a few of months ago, have never met him in real life, but I instantly liked him. He is very helpful and kind, and will bend over backwards to help you. People can and do buy from people they like and trust, and beyond a shadow of a doubt, David is definitely that guy. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him if you are in the market for an opportunity or for business advice”Gordon Martin
David Shillito – what can I say? He shoots from the hip. You should prepare yourself for a broadside like nothing you’ve experienced before. His written material is chock full of common sense and great advice. Do read it (several times), and take the time to think, think, think about it. I’m so glad I found him. Hopefully he will send out wisdom emails for a long time. I need them and so does everyone else. Thanks for being on the planet Dave”Vernon Power
Scientist & Author
Hi David, I just completed your fantastic Info Products Alchemy course It is brilliant and I have no words to describe how informative & revealing this has been for me. I now understand how to make a living from the courses that you have taught me. The advice & information is accurate, feasible and real. I know that we will be working together over the next few months withing the Inner Circle and I’m looking forward to another prosperous year. Thank you again”Edward Dell
Phew! Well, what can I say? I’m just not used to someone who not only answers questions personally but takes the trouble to make a video to illustrate points succinctly with the sign off to ask again if stuck. Altogether a simply marvellous after-care that is way beyond anyone else I’ve met online. Thank you David – I’ll be able to use that info in the coming weeks. If this was MLM I’d garner the whole country to your cause”Tim Spring
David is a genuine down to earth self made entrepreneur who has the insight and the knowledge on how and why customers buy! He can breakdown the complex and make it simple for anyone to understand. Unlike others in his industry, he has a refreshing way of developing new products and services and packaging them to sell. He is a truly a master in sales, marketing and human psychology. If you want the go-to guy for telling you the truth on how to be successful and financially independent (or even wealthy) David Shillito is your man – he is truly unequal amongst his peers”Rajesh Malhotra
I can’t believe you give so much Dave while others just seem to want to take as much as possible from you. Over the years I’ve been looking for something I can make some serious money with, spending a fortune I could ill afford – buying the courses, books, tapes 7 DVD’s (even got into debt a few years ago going to a seminar in London that I couldn’t really afford but thinking that this could be IT) and being royally ripped off that many times I can’t count. Suddenly, David Shillito turns up in my life giving me renewed hope. I just want to sincerely thank you Dave from the bottom of my heart … you’ve restored my faith in humanity”Tony Haslam
Hi Dave, Still buzzing from todays Skype call thank you so much. Not only did I really appreciate your over generosity of time, (it flew by so effortlessly) but also your enthusiasm and willingness to go beyond the call of duty in allowing ways to help. I found your face to face, instantaneous, down to earth approach, simply so unique and very refreshing. In fact the value given today I feel, already has stopped me going down certain perhaps less productive paths, in favour of more cutting edge, evergreen, elegant solutions that I am very excited by!”Peter Mann
I love the products that Dave produces and promotes, he never fails to amaze me with time proven tips and advice just bubbling out of him. As a mentor he says it how it is with no BS but bags and bags of enthusiasm which is contagious, in an inspiring way”Vince Mullowney
Was great to chat Dave, thanks. The info you shared was invaluable, I initially came to you with one question and ended up getting answers to countless, I have 5 sheets of notes from our consultation. The breadth of your knowledge can only have come from years in the trenches and I am grateful for that, so  I say ‘Thanks Doctor Dave, a problem was diagnosed and a prescription offered’. So, after spending 2 hours and 15 minutes on the ‘hour long’ call getting down to the nitty gritty I came away with an idea of which way to go on my internet journey to avoid both costly mistakes and too much wasted time, all this delivered with a wry humour and an easy going manner. Thanks again for your help Dave”Andy Grandon
Thanks Dave for giving over 2 hours of your valuable coaching time to help me get my project back on track! You are a genius Dave! I loved seeing my business through YOUR LENS. I will be acting on the changes you advise straight away. Excited and pumped, the ideas and information you have given me are worth their weight in gold and I know will bring me success. Listen up: Dave Shillito is without doubt one of THE BEST mentors out there. So if you are serious about starting or growing an existing business get in touch with Dave and just listen to him, it could be one of the best business decisions you ever make!”David Wolfe
Just wanted to say a big ‘Thank you’ to Dave Shillito for the help, support, ideas and inspiration he’s given me since I joined his Inner Circle. You hear a lot of online business leaders banging on about ‘Giving something back’, ‘Paying it forward’ and offering ‘Mentoring’ yet few seem to come up with the goods. Dave is hugely refreshing exception! His Inner Circle is packed with top-quality training, great ideas and brilliant insights into online and offline business (and life in general!) Plus there’s a Facebook group and you have a genuine opportunity to ask the man himself for his views & opinions. That can be challenging and frankly uncomfortable when it’s your own work, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need … and you can be sure he’s giving you an honest opinion. If you’re looking for world class non cookie-cutter elegant business growth strategies (with no BS) from someone who has ‘been there and done it’, Dave Shillito delivers”John Lee
I am an established colour and image consultant and contacted David Shillito initially to S.O.S. the design of a new marketing piece. I instinctively knew that the copy and design were not right but struggled to see what to do to improve it. I needed a second opinion from someone who specialised in marketing and David was highly recommended to me from a close friend … and I’m so grateful that he was! David quickly and seemingly effortlessly showed me how to 10 X the marketing appeal. Ideas & changes I had never even thought of! I found David intensely knowledgeable, and his direct approach worked for me – getting straight to the point and putting me on the right track. The improved marketing has literally transformed my business. Having had such a ‘wake up call’ with the angles and marketing of my material, I now consult David on many other areas of business. I cannot recommend David Shillito highly enough … he is a master marketeer!”Amanda
Image Consultant & Coach
Dave – I just wanted to say thanks for a great coaching call today. You are friendly, fun and full of great ideas. You helped me cut through some, err, “less good” ideas I had, and helped me focus on what would utilise my background AND provide a great income stream. I look forward to our next call. Dr. Alex Bristol
As always, you come up with something different every time, AND not pushing some ‘wonder product’ or other. Never came accross it before!”Bob Peters
I have to say, in all the years I’ve reached out to AND invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars in money making products and systems from the likes of Dan Kennedy, Yanik Sliver, Jay Abraham and numerous other “luminaries”, I can’t recall EVER having been contacted personally by them and the fact that YOU did, and on a Saturday within less than an hour of my having reached out to you no less, well, let’s just say that I’m more than impressed and grateful – you have certainly scored major points on my credibility scale already without my having ever seen your product!”Dave Bouchard
Hello David, Just like to say massive THANK YOU for returning my call & for your honest tips & advice! From actually speaking with you and the due diligence (stalking) LOL I’ve done on the internet I would say you’re one of the GOOD guys in IM world!”Sophie Ali
I recently bought the *** System from David Shillito. The quality of information and material is excellent and I recommend it without hesitation and with full confidence. David is very easy to work with and he sticks to his promise of excellent personal support service. He’s very helpful and true to his word and he gives way more than the the price of the Product. Don’t be worried about getting his products. I have been working home-based businesses for over 5 years without too much success and already I can see that this System is probably going to prove to be the most valuable and profitable business model and resource I have ever purchasedMichael Ward
Thanks for the quick replies, which are honest & helpful. I also received your book this morning, very interesting & informative, some eye opening facts & figures, a great read”John Clements
Thank you for the info (and for the book, which I have read with interest.) I cannot fault your logic … You must have started my creative juices going. My own ‘life boat’ punting to corporate clients netted me two fees (in the thousands) last week and a new scheme has just fizzed into life in my head this weekAndrew Gray
Great customer service, very responsive and quick. Very happy with everything and excited by the product”Jimmy Wong
Hi David – Thank you for all your help and information. I have never before experienced such a service with so much help and advice and I must have spent a fortune on services which have promised the earth and delivered nothing!”Carol Pringle
Dear Dave, Thanks very much for the report – full of common sense that they just don’t seem to spout at business school or anywhere else much nowadays. Best regards”Ian Gillett
We found David’s phone consultation covered all the bases in terms of our online business. His informal style and insightful comments have enabled us to focus on the next step in the development of our enterprise. David undoubtedly delivers value for money – and then some! Thanks David!”Mal Reynolds & Rick Nugent
Hi David, How utterly extraordinary. What you have just done is most interesting and relevant. Well, at least I’ve learnt something today!”Maireed Ross
I recently contacted David for advice regarding a product launch. I was astounded by David’s response. The email he sent was so informative and worth its weight in gold! I was amazed that someone would take so much time to help out a stranger, when there was no gain for himself. Selfless people like this are a rare find in the world of internet marketing, and David really does know his stuff. I have taken the advice on board, and cannot thank you enough for your super input. Many thanks and here is to our future successes!”Vaughan Cunliff
I would think AT LEAST 95% of these Gurus only chase the money with little concern for giving honesty and true value. They usually start off OK and then get greedy, loosing their integrity on the way. I follow you because I trust that you value your integrity, a very rare commodity in the IM community. The unfortunate Spivs have not yet learned to value theirs – I appreciate the No Bullshit Approach”Glynn Hobson
Hi David. I just wanted to say thanks for all your advice on the consultation call. You have certainly opened my eyes. Now I have a more focussed approach in my head and understand what is going to make me real money. Your openness and honesty were refreshing; Thanks again and I certainly will keep you updated with my progress”Fraser Wylie
Hi David – I just want to thank you for the time you spent with me on Friday night. You gave me so much information I would never have thought about and even a product that I had in me that i will work on this in the next 2 weeks. I want to thank you so so much again”Mary Shand
The phone call I had with David Shillito was absolutely fantastic, and I’m so grateful for the hour plus that we spoke.  I felt I had a good idea about how a simple business system using front end / back end products, website set up, attracting customers etc could and will work. Following my conversation with David I realised this man knows this business model upside down – left to right – round the corner and back again! … So many different ideas that had never crossed my mind! Hey, I am a student, and so willing to learn but the knowledge (and willingness to share this knowledge) from David was absolutely priceless. With new confidence, I had no hesitation investing in a range of fantastic front end products. Again Many Many thanks”James Eastwood
Hi Dave. Just read your book of idea’s to sell my product. To be honest I’m blown away. I spent 15 years as a Sales Manager for an insurance company … I always told my staff that a good salesman always has the backup he/she needs, and it seems the case with you… Then you invited me onto a call. I thought about it. Here we go, I thought, give it to me, let me hear what the Guru’s are really like (I felt sure I was in for the full sales bombardment). How wrong can I be … If you didn’t know we were on the phone for 54 minutes not 30 (I know, I rang from my mobile!)… During our call you gave me new idea’s, a real reason for moving this product and how to move forward in the information market. You have actually inspired me. I now realize there’s a lot of money out there if you go about this the right way. I will be putting your method into practice and I have no doubt it will work. Thanks again for the no nonsense chat, no rubbish or pie in the sky idea’s just quality information that just makes real sense … and it’s not rocket science! Thanks AgainRichard Harris
Hello David. Just a note to say ‘thanks’ for the most insightful conversation we had this evening. What you disclosed to me was a real eye opener, and armed with this new found knowledge I feel even more confident of success. Thank you for sharing your undoubted expertise with meStephen Berger
“Dave, you are a professional and personable individual with a great knowledge and experience in Marketing. I would not hesitate to recommend your brain to any individual or business looking for innovative Marketing solutions. Excellent feedback and suggestions provided with an utmost first class customer service. Brilliant”Jas Kambo
“Hi Dave – your idea’s are gold nuggets in a sea of crud. Keep them coming”William Kelly
“Hi Dave. Thank you very, very much for your so invaluable information – this is much appreciated and will now put me on the right path at last after over 2 years of struggling and finding the right technique to market my products. Now with your advice I can move forward knowing what to do and where to go, etc. A special very many thanks again”Graham Harrison
I really needed help with the marketing of a new project I had started. I had read many books and been on many seminars from marketing Gurus, but still somewhat lost. After being referred to David’s website I felt I needed to get on a call. David spent over an hour with me on the phone and after our amazing conversation I understood what I was doing wrong, and learnt a lesson that many seminars, DVD’s and books had not taught me. I strongly recommend any one with questions about how to market their business or current product, or who have run into difficulty, should speak to David ASAP. He really can help you fast!”Tom Carter
Hi Dave, just a note to say a BIG THANK YOU for your time, advice and support during our call. The information and advice you gave me turned out to be of exceptional personal value. What was supposed to be an off the cuff enquiry on my part turned in to well over an hour of totally focused advise and step by step guidance which I wasn’t expecting at all. Information I had already gained from a current subscription in this field from a well known UK entrepreneur was re presented in such a way I was given new and a clear direction to proceed and actually start making a profit. I found your advice sound, genuine and straightforward and as I said on the phone, full of ‘AH-HA’ penny dropping moments throughout the conversation. Once again a BIG BIG THANK YOU”Mark Brown
Hi David – Just wanted to say a huge, huge thank you for the excellent ideas on the call. The advice you gave me was, to say the least, excellent with practical and usable suggestions that will save me a great deal of time and more importantly money. Because of the open and honest way in which you are prepared to discuss the business (pros & cons) I would recommend you, and your company, and feel certain that anyone can put their trust in you, knowing that you are prepared to go the ‘extra mile’. You are a real, contactable person who seems genuinely interested in helping, instead of merely taking the money and running, as is the case with so many other so-called ‘gurus’. Although this is based on my 1st impression, in my experience 1st impressions are more often than not the right ones. Once again David many thanks”Veronica Kinsey
Dave, Thank you so much for all your help, advice and support so far. I was resigned to working long hours everyday. Once you told me how I should be thinking, and what I should really be doing, I soon realised you had opened a door for me to provide a far better future for my family, and I can now see a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for telling me what no one else would, with sincerity and positivity” Mark Taylor
“Hi Dave – Good to speak with you. The last time we spoke was about the license that I acquired from you. I have sold a truck load of that product and have gone from strength to strength … The way it’s going I will have turned over a few grand short of £1 million by the end of the year!David Mills
“Hi Dave, Just wanted to say thanks for all the invaluable advice. Your advice & info is so much more feasible and real, somehow. Perhaps it’s because you are a Yorkshireman! Hope to keep in contact with you and, hopefully, work with you again sometime in the future” Sue Holmes
Dear David, I did not expect you to actually call me back and to give me so much of your valuable time 45 mins in fact. Your thoughts and obvious experience have really sharpened my thoughts on what the best business model is to adopt moving forward. Only the advice of someone like yourself could have done that. It was only made possible because you decided to help me which you really did not need to do. I think you are modern in your business approach but you have very old fashioned values. To help another person who really does need help and guidance, & to do so openly and freely; it was great council from yourself. I am a fan of yours but I did not expect you to take an obvious personal interest in my affairs. David you are a very sincere man and I wish I could do something for you. With Kindest Regards”Upkar Takar
Dear Mr. Shillito, I would just like to say what a pleasure it was to speak to you today and would like to thank you for everything I learned. I not only found the information you gave me informative and helpful, I found you easy to talk to as well as the impression you wanted to help. As a current student of the Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand course, I would highly recommend anyone else studying the course to seek help and guidance from you also”Jason Everett
Hi dave, just a quick note to say a massive thank you for all your help and support. The guidance and interest you’ve shown me has been second to none you are a true GENT. Keep up the good work newbies like me need people like you, all the best and thanks again”Les Dickinson
Dear David, It is rare to find an information products company that cares abouts its customers, rarer still one that lives up to its promises – I had a long conversation with David the CEO of and even though I was asking for refund he gave me some great insights into the industry and an idea for product development which was fantastic – I know who to come back to when I am looking for further products for resale” Michael Wheeler
Hi Dave, I want to thank you for my prompt refund, it is so refreshing to find someone who does exactly what he says he will! I would always be pleased to send in a recommendation for a genuine person, because when I was in business for many years, I always traded on my name, you cannot beat it. I am thinking of starting up a couple of websites, so if you want an affiliate let me know if I can help. Best Wishes”Harry Taylor
Hi Dave, many thanks for your help and suggestions. I found our conversation extremely helpful and full of very positive guidance to me a “Newbie”. You have given me some very important pointers which has assisted me to focus on how to maximise my products and how to view Internet marketing as a means to achieve what we all want, how to improve our lifestyle and make money. I feel sure we will have more conversations in the future, once again thank you for your help. My very best regards”Barry Webbley
Hi David, you have just rekindled a spark back into my life, and a belief that there are still good honest people willing to help others like myself. I was just about to give up trying any more so called “online opportunities” when I stumbled across a page on the net with your telephone number. This was at 5.45pm on a Saturday evening & I felt sure that if I called the number it would be a telesales person or an answer machine. I was amazed when I spoke directly to you! You never at any point tried in any way to sell me anything, instead you took a look at my background and showed me how I could make money online, with only my own experiences and passions in life. We spent an hour chatting and by the end of the hour you had a plan set out for me to follow.  Thank you so much for the time and trouble you have taken to help me, I hope we can have some successful joint ventures together soon and for many years to come. Best Wishes & Thanks again”Rob Waugh
Hi Dave, Just wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you for the help and guidance you have given over the last few days. We never expected the email thread I started to have blossomed into a “print out and keep hint & tip sheet”! The legal advice alone will undoubtedly have saved us 100’s if not 1000’s of pounds. That’s not to mention the website design and marketing tips. Your experience in running your own internet business has certainly furnished you with a wealth of knowledge and understanding revolving around the whole Internet marketing arena. We are just grateful you are so willing to share! Very useful stuff. Very useful. … I think the penny may have droppedGlenn Brett
Hi Dave – I enjoyed talking to you and think that what you said will be very useful for me …. you have a good knowledge and experience of Internet Sales and Marketing” Paul Andreas
I have found that Dave gives a lot more than he asks for in return, both by way of time and in the products that he sells. You definately get a lot more for the money that you spend. What a very pleasant and genuine man. It’s been a real plesure doing business with him & there is no doubt in my mind that we will be doing more business with him in the future” Gary Bartlett
Hello David – I can’t thank you enough for your help. It’s amazing! Selling a product like this is an eye opener for me and I must say I am enjoying every minute of it! I will get there in the end as I have lots in the pipeline … I can’t thank you enough for your help you’ve been fantastic! You have a genuine gift of truly becoming an instant friend to the newbie marketer & give really good video help in a friendly and reassuring manner … giving people a real fighting chance to change their lives. All the best”Paul Ellis
Hi Dave, I certainly appreciate your sifting through the bs for us. I am a newbie and have racked up even more credit card debt that I was hoping to pay off with IM so … I appreciate your input at cutting through all the hype. I have been looking since begginning of this year and you can imagine the list of names now that email me everyday as I have opted in to so much stuff, but your emails I actually read as I appreciate your integrity. Thanks”Irene Llewellyn
“Dear Dave, Just want to thank you. I phoned your office earlier today, which i thought will be a quick phone call, but instead YOU came on the phone & advised me of the angles I can apply to my business and … without any charge! You are a genuine man and the advise you gave me has changed the way I look at my business. Thank you very much Regards” Kelera Peacock
“Thank you for your full response to my questions. I really appreciate all the time that you have put in so far to try and help me get a handle on the various aspects of this project. Your comments put the whole thing very clearly into perspective for me and I now know what needs to be done. So thank you for that” Royston Nixon
Hi David, Thank-you for the phone consultation yesterday, I really appreciate the time you took to help me. I feel that the information you imparted will definately help to make a success with the material I bought from you. The knowledge you have given me is such a twist on a great idea, and I am very excited about putting it into action. Again thank-you”Valerie Dancer
I paid around £50 for one of Dave’s products ages ago. I’ve probably contacted him at least 5 times since then for advice and he has always more than delivered. Not one sentence answers either, its normally several paragraphs, the man cares. Certainly the best £50.00 I’ve ever spent for access to what has to be one of the best ‘marketing idea factories’ around. As always Dave, thanks for all your help – You`ve given me loads to go on with”Terry Lansdale
When you spend months hunting for a good business idea, you quickly find there are a great many people who want to do little more than take your money. From the start, dealing with David has been a completely different story. All requests for information or help have been dealt with promptly, efficiently, always with great courtesy and always giving that little bit extra. Dave does what he says he will do, and there’s no waiting around & wondering. It would be good if there were more like him and fewer of the other sort”Jenny Howett
As a stay-at-home mum for the past 10 years, once my little boy joined school full time I was about to find a job. Then I read your article and that became a turning point in my life. I now own my own company. Working from home I can still do the school runs plus I’m not being bossed about by anybody, and having time for my children is priceless” Sally Johnson
Dear Dave – thanks for the business idea. With the demise of the state pensions its important I seek other independent ways, so not having to rely on state pensions in the future. This business idea gives me that way out. The obvious value … means I will be in control of however I want my future to be. Thanks for your professionalism & support”Allan Lloyd
Hi Dave. Having retired early from my photography studio due to ill health I have been looking for some means of supplementing my pension …. I look forward to marketing this business idea using some or even all of your tips & strategies. Thank you for an excellent opportunity to make my retirement a lot more rewarding”Gerald Round
I am a musician, and such is the state of the industry I am always looking for additional ways to earn extra money. I don’t own a computer and have no experience in sales but clearly saw the potential in Davids business idea. It is especially nice to know that a genuine ‘live’ person is at the other end of the phone with help & advice, coupled with Dave’s natural enthusiasm, which is contagious!”John Follett